Strategy Consulting and Financing

We support companies to address the following questions:
  • What is the competitive advantage of your technology / product / idea / company?
  • How can you differentiate yourself against competitors?
  • How can you extend your portfolio and keep the company focus?
  • How can you build / optimize product development in an optimized organization?
  • What is the best affordable IP strategy?
  • What kind of “Return on Investment” can you expect at exit? When?
  • What is your best possible financing strategy? Should you attract venture capital?
  • How can you optimize your company to attract investment?
  • How and when to present your technology or product to investors or banks?
  • How to identify suitable investors?
  • Should you partner or sell the company or shift company focus?

We (help to) prepare your business plan!

Our experience in company development and financing will support your decision making by offering advice and insights into the consequences of business decisions. We help to structure and formulate your business plan.

bioExpert’s experiences include:

  • Setting up multiple service and drug product based businesses
  • Decide focus on service versus product development business models
  • Positioning against competitive technology
  • Long term experience with VCs, banks and business angels
  • Mergers and company sales

Please talk to us to decide on a joint way forward!